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A.S. - Broadcasting

Want to be part of the exciting entertainment industry? Earn an Associate degree in Broadcasting at City College and make a name for yourself in television or radio. We are a leading broadcasting college located in South Florida, one of the top television and radio markets in the U.S. You’ll be taught by industry professionals and gain the skills and experience that the hottest stations want.

As a student, you’ll work with the latest communications technology, from streaming video production to podcasts. You’ll master radio and TV basics like announcing, news broadcasting and sports announcing , and gain expertise in performance skills, interviewing techniques, news writing and audio/video production. You’ll learn how to shoot TV on location, broadcast live, and produce and direct. Students have plenty of hands-on opportunities to become proficient at technical basics. The curriculum also focuses on the business end of broadcasting, which includes sales, advertising, media and station management. You can concentrate on radio, television or both.

What sets City College apart from other broadcasting colleges in Fort Lauderdale? Our in-depth training that prepares you for successful on- and- off-air careers and gives you a competitive edge in the job market. You’ll also have an opportunity for an internship at a leading local radio or TV station.

Whether you dream of being in front of the camera, behind the microphone or behind the scenes, City College will make your broadcasting career a reality.

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