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A.S. - Cardiovascular Sonography

The Cardiovascular Sonography Program is a comprehensive entry-level program designed to prepare the student for a rewarding career in the field of diagnostic ultrasound. Cardiovascular sonography specializes in the assessment of cardiac and vascular disease and is one of the fastest growing professions in the allied health care field1.

The program is designed to include practical didactic lectures integrated with hands-on laboratory in the Ultrasound Training Center. Here the students will learn the operation of various equipment and have the opportunity to practice scanning on fellow students in order to develop skills prior to the 900 hours of clinical training.

The dual-training tract of both cardiac and vascular was developed to provide greater options to our graduates who can work in environments that demand skills in both specialties. Students will be required to complete 690 lecture hours, 240 lab hours and 900 hours of clinical training. The curriculum is comprised of 111 credits over 8 quarters.

Locations offering this program:

6565 Taft St., Suite 200
Hollywood, FL 33024

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