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A.S. - Legal Assisting/Paralegal

Prepare for a rewarding career as a legal assistant or paralegal at City College! With employment opportunities in this field growing at a higher-than-average rate and the increasing need for paralegal expertise in many sectors, legal assistant training/paralegal training can lead to exciting careers for highly motivated individuals with critical thinking skills. City College offers paralegal programs at four of our Florida campuses that will equip you with the knowledge and skills to master a variety of key tasks in legal environments.

As a student in the paralegal program, you’ll take law-related courses that will promote critical thinking and prepare you to investigate facts of cases and write reports for attorneys. You’ll study family law, real estate law, torts, criminal law, general law and other areas. You’ll also get a strong foundation in research techniques, effective communications skills, preparing documents, ethics and computer software for the legal profession. During your externship, you’ll have opportunities for on-the-job legal training that will give you a competitive edge as a legal assistant or paralegal. With this knowledge, you’ll be indispensable in a variety of legal environments such law private practices and corporate legal departments.

With your Associate of Science in Paralegal/Legal Assisting from City College, which offers one of the leading legal assistant programs in Florida, you can launch your successful career in this exciting field in just two years.

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